Weekly Update – February 14, 2017

      Total Deal Value (USD) – $1,602,425,217                Total Deal Number – 171

Deal No. Amount Paid (USD) Company Investor/Buyer Sector Deal Type
1 $250,000,000 Social Point Take-Two Interactive Software Games Acquisition
2 $250,000,000 SureTec Financial Corp. Markel Corporation Transactions Acquisition
3 $156,000,000 Centerfield Media H.I.G. Growth Partners Marketing Investment
4 $104,000,000 Fuze Consortium Software & Services Investment
5 $100,000,000 Zenbanx SoFi Transactions Acquisition
6 $62,587,750 Timico Lyceum Capital Transactions Investment
7 $50,000,000 Shansong Yi Capital, SIG China Transactions Investment
8 $40,000,000 HackerOne Consortium Software & Services Investment
9 $30,000,000 Exabeam Consortium Software & Services Investment
10 $30,000,000 Mojo Networks Consortium Software & Services Investment
11 $29,000,000 che300 SAIC Motor Transactions Investment
12 $25,000,000 CXA Group Consortium Transactions Investment
13 $25,000,000 GOAT Accel Partners Transactions Investment
14 $25,000,000 Lola Travel Company, Inc. Consortium Mobile & Apps Investment
15 $25,000,000 SnapRoute Inc. Consortium Software & Services Investment
16 $23,000,000 Bloomon Consortium Transactions Investment
17 $22,000,000 Evident.io Consortium Software & Services Investment
18 $20,000,000 Demisto Accel Partners, Slack Software & Services Investment
19 $19,500,000 Trax Image Recognition Investec Software & Services Investment
20 $16,000,000 Chorus.ai Redpoint, Emergence Capital Partners Software & Services Investment
21 $15,000,000 Better Mortgage Consortium Transactions Investment
22 $15,000,000 Comprehend Systems Consortium Software & Services Investment
23 $12,500,000 Verato Bessemer Venture Partners, Columbia Capital Software & Services Investment
24 $12,000,000 Xeneta Consortium Software & Services Investment
25 $11,500,000 Chatbooks Aries Capital Partners Mobile & Apps Investment
26 $10,000,000 TerrAvion Consortium Software & Services Investment
27 $10,000,000 TravelTriangle Consortium Transactions Investment
28 $9,150,000 blooom Consortium Transactions Investment
29 $9,000,000 Empow cyber security Undisclosed Software & Services Investment
30 $8,300,000 Intensix Consortium Software & Services Investment
31 $8,000,000 Wooplr Sistema Asia Fund Transactions Investment
32 $7,600,000 ACCO Semiconductor Undisclosed Hardware & Infrastructure Investment
33 $7,100,000 Coiney Consortium Transactions Investment
34 $7,000,000 Hostworks Inabox Group Software & Services Acquisition
35 $7,000,000 MediaSilo Schooner Capital Software & Services Investment
36 $7,000,000 Shop.Co Consortium Transactions Investment
37 $7,000,000 VoxSmart Deepbridge Capital Mobile & Apps Investment
38 $5,300,000 Wise Data Media WhiteSmoke Marketing Acquisition
39 $5,000,000 Integrate.ai Georgian Partners Software & Services Investment
40 $5,000,000 Javelin Networks Consortium Software & Services Investment
41 $5,000,000 TruSTAR Technology Consortium Software & Services Investment
42 $4,781,610 Global Shares Consortium Software & Services Investment
43 $4,758,987 Audiense Mel Morris Software & Services Investment
44 $4,500,000 Zeitgold HV Holtzbrinck Ventures, Battery Ventures Transactions Investment
45 $4,257,840 TIMIFY Undisclosed Software & Services Investment
46 $4,000,000 ChronoBank Undisclosed Transactions Investment
47 $4,000,000 Rippleshot KDWC Ventures, CMFG VENTURES Software & Services Investment
48 $4,000,000 SubVRsive WPP Ventures Media Investment
49 $4,000,000 Wiivv Consortium Hardware & Infrastructure Investment
50 $3,512,718 Adveez M Capital Partners, Plume Finance Software & Services Investment
51 $3,500,000 Jobaline Consortium Transactions Investment
52 $3,500,000 LaFabric Consortium Transactions Investment
53 $3,500,000 Spotad VLTCM Marketing Investment
54 $3,400,000 CureApp Consortium Mobile & Apps Investment
55 $3,100,000 Suplari Inc. Undisclosed Software & Services Investment
56 $3,000,000 Botworx.ai Costanoa Ventures, SV Angel Software & Services Investment
57 $3,000,000 Float Consortium Transactions Investment
58 $2,700,000 Agent.ai Consortium Software & Services Investment
59 $2,600,000 Repairly Consortium Transactions Investment
60 $2,500,000 Capital Float IFMR Capital Transactions Investment
61 $2,500,000 Capsule8 Consortium Software & Services Investment
62 $2,500,000 TIPIT ATOORO FUND Media Investment
63 $2,300,000 Holberton School Consortium Transactions Investment
64 $2,230,000 Megafash Pte Ltd iFashion Group Ecommerce Acquisition
65 $2,100,000 Tenka Labs Undisclosed Hardware & Infrastructure Investment
66 $2,000,000 CareDash Link Ventures Transactions Investment
67 $2,000,000 Keymetrics Alven Capital, Runa Capital Software & Services Investment
68 $2,000,000 Shopiz Ron Zuckerman Ecommerce Investment
69 $2,000,000 uBack Undisclosed Mobile & Apps Investment
70 $1,877,152 Agility Technologies Corporation Social Finance Hardware & Infrastructure Investment
71 $1,873,072 Airsorted Consortium Transactions Investment
72 $1,752,457 HeadBox Consortium Software & Services Investment
73 $1,593,165 MicksGarage Investec Ecommerce Investment
74 $1,500,000 Blend Media Undisclosed Marketing Investment
75 $1,500,000 Brandzooka Batshit Crazy Ventures Marketing Investment
76 $1,500,000 HyperTrack Consortium Software & Services Investment
77 $1,500,000 Inbox Health Consortium Transactions Investment
78 $1,252,800 Free Postcode Lottery Zeal Investments Software & Services Investment
79 $1,200,000 Resilient Network Systems HBK Investments Software & Services Investment
80 $1,180,000 Zenatix Pi Ventures, Blume Ventures Software & Services Investment
81 $1,100,000 OpenNews John S. and James L. Knight Foundation Software & Services Investment
82 $1,078,720 Termostore ePRICE Transactions Investment
83 $1,062,580 Finnest Maxfield Capital Transactions Investment
84 $1,010,791 Bwom Consortium Mobile & Apps Investment
85 $1,000,000 Leankor Undisclosed Software & Services Investment
86 $1,000,000 Wandertrails Earlsfield Capital Transactions Investment
87 $1,000,000 Wyncode Undisclosed Transactions Investment
88 $872,878 DigitalBridge Stuart Marks Software & Services Investment
89 $830,000 Boosterville Undisclosed Marketing Investment
90 $800,000 Shelf Engine Initialized Capital, Liquid2 Ventures Software & Services Investment
91 $700,000 Coinfirm Luma Investment Transactions Investment
92 $700,000 ERNIT Seed Capital, Spar Nord Bank A/S Mobile & Apps Investment
93 $582,697 Lorenzo Vinci Consortium Transactions Investment
94 Undisclosed 3 Minute Gree, Inc. Marketing Acquisition
95 Undisclosed AdEspresso Hootsuite Marketing Acquisition
96 Undisclosed BLINQ APG|SGA Mobile & Apps Acquisition
97 Undisclosed CHITA Medidata Solutions Software & Services Acquisition
98 Undisclosed Cirrity Green Cloud Technologies Software & Services Acquisition
99 Undisclosed Cologix Consortium Software & Services Investment
100 Undisclosed Congruity Procurri Software & Services Acquisition
101 Undisclosed Conversa Solutions Vertex Wireless Software & Services Acquisition
102 Undisclosed Cornastone EOH Mthombo Mobile & Apps Acquisition
103 Undisclosed Court Buddy 500 Startups Transactions Investment
104 Undisclosed CrossLend GmBH CME Ventures Transactions Investment
105 Undisclosed CSC Links i3 Verticals Software & Services Acquisition
106 Undisclosed Cybewrite, Inc. 500 Startups Software & Services Investment
107 Undisclosed DC74 Data Centers Lumos Networks Corporation Software & Services Acquisition
108 Undisclosed Delta ID Fingerprint Cards AB Mobile & Apps Acquisition
109 Undisclosed Demotores Carsales Transactions Acquisition
110 Undisclosed Den R/GA Ventures Hardware & Infrastructure Investment
111 Undisclosed Distinct Software Solutions EZLinks Golf Software & Services Acquisition
112 Undisclosed Dot & Bo OpenSky Ecommerce Acquisition
113 Undisclosed Double-Take Software Carbonite Software & Services Acquisition
114 Undisclosed EdgeCore Mindstream Media Marketing Acquisition
115 Undisclosed Elite ISI The Beekman Group Software & Services Investment
116 Undisclosed Enterpay NFT VENTURES Transactions Investment
117 Undisclosed Escalation Studios ZeniMax Media Acquisition
118 Undisclosed Exactuals Consortium Software & Services Investment
119 Undisclosed Factom, Inc. Medici Ventures Software & Services Investment
120 Undisclosed FältCom Telia Software & Services Acquisition
121 Undisclosed Flipagram Toutiao Mobile & Apps Acquisition
122 Undisclosed Flock R/GA Ventures Software & Services Investment
123 Undisclosed FMV Opinions Stout Risius Ross Transactions Acquisition
124 Undisclosed Hometrack Zoopla Software & Services Acquisition
125 Undisclosed Hoxton Analytics R/GA Ventures Software & Services Investment
126 Undisclosed Huzza Kickstarter Media Acquisition
127 Undisclosed IDV Solutions Everbridge Software & Services Acquisition
128 Undisclosed Incapptic Connect High-Tech Gruenderfonds Mobile & Apps Investment
129 Undisclosed Innovo Design Kenscio Digital Marketing Pvt. ltd Marketing Acquisition
130 Undisclosed Jobspotting SmartRecruiters Transactions Acquisition
131 Undisclosed KenyaBuzz Nation Media Group Media Acquisition
132 Undisclosed Kontentan Storytel Media Acquisition
133 Undisclosed LPS Integration Data Blue Software & Services Acquisition
134 Undisclosed Majoitusmestari Oy Forenom Transactions Acquisition
135 Undisclosed Mind Your Fleet Japan Vyas, Tarun Adlakha Software & Services Investment
136 Undisclosed MSC Software HEXAGON Software & Services Acquisition
137 Undisclosed Newsaccess Kantar Media Media Acquisition
138 Undisclosed Niara, Inc. Hewlett Packard Enterprise Software & Services Acquisition
139 Undisclosed Open-Mesh Datto Software & Services Acquisition
140 Undisclosed Paperless Software Solutions Curve Group Software & Services Acquisition
141 Undisclosed PHYND Technologies, Inc Undisclosed Software & Services Investment
142 Undisclosed Plum Analytics Elsevier Software & Services Acquisition
143 Undisclosed Potensis FL Partners Transactions Acquisition
144 Undisclosed Qliro Group Rite Ventures Ecommerce Investment
145 Undisclosed Qology Direct Centerfield Media Software & Services Acquisition
146 Undisclosed Randall Data Systems i3 Verticals Hardware & Infrastructure Acquisition
147 Undisclosed RemoteX Technologies Lundalogik Software & Services Acquisition
148 Undisclosed RepVisits Hobsons Transactions Acquisition
149 Undisclosed Revel Systems Welsh, Carson, Anderson & Stowe Hardware & Infrastructure Investment
150 Undisclosed Ride Today Acceptance Cardiff International Transactions Acquisition
151 Undisclosed Saturn Infotech Jade Global, Inc. Software & Services Acquisition
152 Undisclosed ScreenCloud R/GA Ventures Software & Services Investment
153 Undisclosed Seculert Radware Software & Services Acquisition
154 Undisclosed Snaptivity R/GA Ventures Mobile & Apps Investment
155 Undisclosed Snatch Unilever Ventures Games Investment
156 Undisclosed Sonr News Audioboom Group Media Acquisition
157 Undisclosed Spaceknow BlueYard Capital, Spread Capital Software & Services Investment
158 Undisclosed T2 Computing Axispoint Software & Services Acquisition
159 Undisclosed TAC Security Solutions Undisclosed Software & Services Investment
160 Undisclosed TeleManager Technologies Digital Pharmacist Software & Services Merger
161 Undisclosed ticketscript Eventbrite Transactions Acquisition
162 Undisclosed TimeBridge AnyMeeting Software & Services Acquisition
163 Undisclosed TouchPoint Software The Pursuant Group Software & Services Acquisition
164 Undisclosed Trustio SlicePay Transactions Acquisition
165 Undisclosed Twenty thirty (20|30) Undisclosed Software & Services Investment
166 Undisclosed Usurv MARU Group Software & Services Acquisition
167 Undisclosed Vision InfoSoft JDM Technology Group Software & Services Acquisition
168 Undisclosed Voonik RB Investments, Sequoia Capital Ecommerce Investment
169 Undisclosed Watchup Plex Media Acquisition
170 Undisclosed WeCraftMedia Quovantis Technologies Media Acquisition
171 Undisclosed Zoomer, Inc. EatStreet Transactions Acquisition

More information

  1. Take-Two buys Spain’s Social Point mobile game studio for at least $250 million (VentureBeat)
  2. Markel to acquire SureTec Financial Corp (Markel Corporation)
  3. Centerfield Secures $156 Million in Financing And Acquires Performance Marketing Leader Qology Direct (Multi Channel News)
  4. Fuze raises $104 million to grow its unified communications platform for enterprises (Venture Beat)
  5. Zenbanx acquired by SoFi for reported $100 million (Technical.ly)
  6. Cloud services provider Timico raises £50m from Lyceum Capital (Tech City News)
  7. China delivery start-up Shansong gets $50m Series C (AVCJ)
  8. After cracking the US military, HackerOne gets $40 million in funding (The Verge)
  9. Cisco Heads Cybersecurity Startup Exabeam’s $30 Million Funding Round (Fortune)
  10. Mojo Networks Closes $30 Million to Fuel Growth and Further Disrupt the WiFi Networking Industry (BusinessWire)
  11. Chinese VC-backed car valuation platform raises $29m (Asian Venture Capital Journal)
  12. Singapore’s CXA raises $25 million to develop its health-focused insurance brokerage (TechCrunch)
  13. GOAT raises $25m more to expand its mobile sneaker marketplace (TechCrunch)
  14. GV and Tenaya Ventures Join Lola’s Series B Financing. (Medium)
  15. Silicon Valley Startup Founded by Apple Engineers Lands $25 Million Series A Round (Tech Vibes)
  16. bloomon Raises $23M in Series B Financing (FinSMEs)
  17. Cloud security startup Evident.io raises $22 million led by GV (Venture Beat)
  18. Demisto raises $20M to bring chatbots into the cybersecurity world (Silicon Angle)
  19. Investec leads $19.5m round for Singapore image recognition player (Asian Venture Capital Journal )
  20. With a $16M Series A, Chorus.ai listens to your sales calls to help your team close deals (TechCrunch)
  21. Better Mortgage Secures $15 Million In Series B Funding From Kleiner Perkins, Goldman Sachs, And Pine Brook (PR Newswire)
  22. Comprehend Systems Closes $15 Million Series C Funding to Expand its Leadership Position in Clinical Intelligence Software (MedIndia)
  23. Verato Raises $12.5M in Series B Financing, Signs Five New Customers (MarketWired )
  24. Xeneta raises $12M Series B to crack open ocean freight pricing (TechCrunch)
  25. Chatbooks raises $11.5 million to put photo printing on autopilot (TechCrunch)
  26. Merus Capital leads Series A round for TerrAvion (PE HUB)
  27. TravelTriangle raises $10M in fresh round of funding (Economic Times India)
  28. Blooom Secures $9.15M in Series B Funding (FinSMEs)
  29. Israeli cyber security co empow raises $9m (Globes)
  30. Big data healthcare co Intensix raises $8.3m (Globes)
  31. Sistema Asia Fund leads $8 million round in social fashion platform Wooplr (ET tech)
  32. BRIEF-ACCO Semiconductor Inc has raised $7.6 million in equity financing from total offering amount of $21.2 million – SEC filing (Reuters)
  33. Japan-based VCs invest $7.1m in mobile payments startup Coiney (Deal Street Asia)
  34. Inabox buys Hostworks for $7 million (it news)
  35. MediaSilo and Wiredrive completes merger, raises $7 mln (PE HUB)
  36. Shop.co raises $7 million to further expand universal shopping cart technology (Fashinvest)
  37. RegTech startup VoxSmart closes $7m Series A led by Deepbridge Capital (Tech City News)
  38. WhiteSmoke Acquires Wise Data Media (No camel)
  39. Former Facebook executive’s AI startup snags an unlikely Canadian investor (The Globe and Mail)
  40. Javelin Networks Announces $5M Series-A Funding to Fuel its Next-Generation Active Directory Protection Platform that Prevents Breaches (Business Wire)
  41. TruSTAR Technology Raises $5M in Series A Funding (FinSMEs)
  42. Mee heads €4.5m funding round for Global Shares (The Independent.ie)
  43. Internet entrepreneur and tech investor Mel Morris invests GBP3.8m in Audiense (Angel News)
  44. SumUp co-founders are back with bookkeeping AI startup Zeitgold (TechCrunch)
  45. Munich-based Timify secures €4 million for the international expansion of its appointment booking software (EU Startups)
  46. ChronoBank Raised $4m in Cryptocurrency with a Week Left for the Crowdsale (Bitcoin agile)
  47. SpaceKnow raises $4m to provide satellite imaging data for investors (Financial Times)
  48. SubVRsive Secures $4M in a Series A Funding Round, Appoints New CEO (vrfocus.com )
  49. Kickstarter Alum Wiivv Secures $4 Million During Series A Funding Round & Acquires eSoles (Crowdfund Insider)
  50. French IoT startup Adveez raises €3.3 million (Tech.eu )
  51. Jobaline raises $3.5 million to expand hourly jobs platform and grow its team by 25% (Geekwire)
  52. Japan’s LaFabric, e-tailor for made-to-measure shirts and custom suits, gets $3.5M (The Bridge)
  53. Spotad lands $3.5 million, moves into China with its AI-driven mobile adtech (VentureBeat)
  54. Japan’s CureApp gets $3.4 million for lifestyle diseases treatment using mobile apps (The Bridge (Japan))
  55. Madrona and Amplify Partners invest $3.1M in stealthy enterprise ‘intelligent app’ startup Suplari (Geekwire)
  56. AI Startup Botworx.ai Raises $3M in Seed Funding (Indian Web 2)
  57. Float Secures $3M In Angel Funding (FinSMEs)
  58. Agent.ai raises $2.7 million to build smart copilot for customer service representatives (Venture Beat )
  59. Rippleshot Raises $2.6M to Help Banks and Merchants Fight Fraud (ChicagoInno)
  60. Lending Platform Capital Float Secures $2.5 Mn From IFMR Capital (Inc24)
  61. Capsule8 picks up $2.5 mln seed (PE HUB)
  62. Tipit raises $2.5 million to bring user-generated AR to all (TechCrunch)
  63. New Age School Raises $2.3 Million to Train Techies (Fortune)
  64. iFashion Group acquires Singapore-based lifestyle marketplace Megafash for US$2.23M (Yahoo)
  65. Smart toy maker Tenka Labs attracts $2.1 mln seed (PE HUB)
  66. CareDash gets $2M for online doctor-rating and review portal (Mobil Health News)
  67. Keymetrics is a Node.js monitoring tool for your server infrastructure (TechCrunch)
  68. Group Buying Startup Shopiz Raises $2M (NoCamels)
  69. Atlanta startup uBack scores $2 million investment (Business Journals)
  70. Social Finance secures £1.5m for Bright Futures using SITR (Pioneers Post)
  71. Airsorted, a fast-growing Airbnb management startup, raises £1.5M (TechCrunch)
  72. Headbox Closes £1.4m Oversubscribed Fundraise (eventindustrynews.com)
  73. MicksGarage.com raises €1.5m as Investec activity continues (Silicon Republic)
  74. Blend Media Nabs $1.5M Seed Round (VC News Daily)
  75. Brandzooka Completes Second Round of Seed Funding, Sees Exponential Growth (PR Newswire)
  76. HyperTrack gets $1.5 million capital infusion from Social Capital, Zomato’s founder and others (The Tech Portal)
  77. Inbox Health raises more capital in quest to empower physician’s practices (Med City News)
  78. Free Postcode Lottery raises £1m from new investor Zeal Investments (Tech City News)
  79. Resilient Network Systems Receives $1.2M Series A Extension Funding (FinSMEs)
  80. Energy management startup Zenatix raises $1.18 mn (TechCircle)
  81. With $1.1 million in funding from Knight, OpenNews is becoming an independent organization (Nieman Lab)
  82. Termostore Raises €1M in Funding (FinSMEs)
  83. Vienna-based FinTech startup Finnest raises €1 million and plans to expand to non-German markets soon (EU Startups)
  84. B-wom gets € 940,000 in funding (elreferente)
  85. Work management platform Leankor raises $1 mln in funding (PE HUB)
  86. Leisure travel startup Wandertrails raises $1 million (Business Standard)
  87. Wyncode coding school raises $1 million to fund growth and next phase (Miami Herald)
  88. Manchester-based retail tech startup DigitalBridge raises £700,000 (Tech City News)
  89. Boosterville Receives $830K Investment to “Boost” Offers and Loyalty Platform Growth (Boosterville.com)
  90. Shelf Engine raises $800K to help food retailers use artificial intelligence for optimized ordering (GeekWire)
  91. Coinfirm Raises $700K Funding Round (FinSMEs)
  92. ERNIT has raised a 700,000 USD fund. (Øresund startups)
  93. Lorenzo Vinci Closes €550k in Funding (FinSMEs)
  94. Gree, Inc., will acquire 3 Minute inc. (Mandasoft)
  95. Hootsuite buys AdEspresso for expanded social advertising (Vator News)
  96. Outdoor ad firm buys Swiss dating app Blinq to power beacon push (TechCrunch)
  97. Medidata to Expand Its Industry-Leading Cloud Platform with Regulated Content and Document Management Capabilities (Business Wire)
  98. Green Cloud Technologies acquires cloud services provider Cirrity (Upstate Business Journal)
  99. Cologix Receives Majority Investment from Stonepeak Infrastructure Partners (FinSMEs)
  100. Singapore: Procurri acquires controlling interest in Congruity LLC (Deal Street Asia)
  101. Vertex Wireless Acquires Conversa Solutions, a leading engineering and software development firm (Business Wire)
  102. EOH snaps up Cornastone (itweb)
  103. Court Buddy racks up 500 Startups investment, enters accelerator (Miami Herald)
  104. CME Ventures funds Berlin fintech startup CrossLend (PE HUB)
  105. i3 Verticals Expands Presence in the Healthcare Industry Vertical Through Acquisitions of Randall Data Systems and CSC Links (Business Wire)
  106. This MBA Just Launched A Cyber Security Start-Up In Tel Aviv (Business Because)
  107. Lumos Networks Closes on the Acquisition of DC74 Data Centers (Business Wire)
  108. Fingerprint buy the Silicon Valley company – for nearly a billion (Breakit)
  109. BRIEF-Carsales.Com through unit to acquire DeMotores (Reuters)
  110. R/GA partners with ten startups in Internet of Things venture (Campaign Live)
  111. EZLinks Golf, a PGA Tour Affiliated Company, Announces Significant Investment from Providence Equity Partners (Business Wire)
  112. Alibaba-backed OpenSky has bought defunct furniture website Dot & Bo (Recode)
  113. Carbonite Acquires Double-Take Software (Yahoo)
  114. EdgeCore Merges With Mindstream Media Through Eastport Holdings’ Acquisition (PR Newswire)
  115. Beekman provides funding to Elite ISI (PE HUB)
  116. Enterpay raises funding for Nordic push (Arctic Startup)
  117. ZeniMax acquires VR specialists Escalation Studios (Game Industry Business )
  118. Bringing Dollars And Cents To La La Land (Pymnts)
  120. Swedish Telia buys public transit startup FältCom (Tech.eu)
  121. It’s official: Flipagram has been acquired by Chinese news aggregator Toutiao (Recode)
  122. R/GA partners with ten startups in Internet of Things venture (Campaign Live)
  123. Stout Risius Ross, Inc. to purchase FMV Opinions, Inc. (Yahoo)
  124. Zoopla Property Group to acquire Hometrack (Hometrack)
  125. R/GA partners with ten startups in Internet of Things venture (Campaign Live)
  126. Kickstarter acquires video streaming startup Huzza and opens a Vancouver office (TechCrunch )
  127. Everbridge Announces Critical Event Management and Acquisition of IDV Solutions (BusinessWire)
  128. Berlin-based start-up incapptic Connect receives seed funding from High-Tech Gründerfonds (high-tech-gruenderfonds.de)
  129. Kenscio Acquires Innovo: A Bangalore-based Design and Digital Marketing Agency (PR Newswire)
  130. Berlin’s Jobspotting acquired by SF’s SmartRecruiters for undisclosed sum (TechCrunch)
  131. NMG acquires KenyaBuzz in digital growth plan (Business Daily)
  132. Swedish Storytel acquires audiobook publisher Kontentan (Tech.eu)
  133. Data Blue Acquires LPS Integration (Yahoo)
  134. The hospitality industry’s fastest growing businesses under one roof – Forenom buys Majoitusmestari Oy (Epressi.com)
  135. Car Fleet Management Platform Mind Your Fleet Rides In Funding – Eyes Global Market (Inc42)
  136. Hexagon Enters Into Agreement to Acquire MSC Software, a Leading Provider of CAE (simulation) Software (PR Newswire )
  137. Kantar Media acquires Newsaccess in Ireland (WPP)
  138. HPE Acquires Security Analytics Vendor Niara (eweek)
  139. Datto Acquires Managed Networking Firm Open Mesh (Talkincloud.com)
  140. Curve Group acquires Paperless Software Solutions (ITWeb)
  141. Phynd Technologies Lands New Investment (VC Newsdaily)
  142. Plum Goes Orange – Elsevier Acquires Plum Analytics (Scholarly kitchen)
  143. FL Partners acquires Potensis Recruitment (Realdeals)
  144. Rite Ventures increases its grip on the e-commerce giant Qliro (Breakit)
  145. Centerfield Secures $156 Million in Financing And Acquires Performance Marketing Leader Qology Direct (Multi Channel News)
  146. i3 Verticals Expands Presence in the Healthcare Industry Vertical Through Acquisitions of Randall Data Systems and CSC Links (Business Wire)
  147. Lundalogik acquires RemoteX Technologies (Multi Channel News)
  148. Hobsons Acquires High School Counselor’s Edtech College Connection Tool (EdSurge)
  149. Welsh, Carson, Anderson & Stowe Leads New Investment in Revel Systems (Business Wire)
  150. Cardiff Signs Letter of Intent to Acquire Ride Today Acceptance (Yahoo)
  151. Jade Global Acquires Saturn Infotech, Accelerating Growth in East Coast Region (Yahoo)
  152. R/GA partners with ten startups in Internet of Things venture (Campaign Live)
  153. Radware acquires SaaS co Seculert (Globes)
  154. R/GA partners with ten startups in Internet of Things venture (Campaign Live)
  155. Unilever breaks into augmented reality with new investment in gaming start-up Snatch (Growth Business UK)
  156. Audioboom completes acquisition of SONR News (StockMarkerWire)
  157. SpaceKnow raises $4 Million in Series A funding (SpaceDaily)
  158. Axispoint Acquires T2 Computing to Provide End-to-End Solutions for the Media and Entertainment Industry (Business Wire)
  159. Cyber Security Platform TAC Security Raises Pre Series A Funding (Inc42)
  160. RxWiki & TeleManager Merge to Create Digital Pharmacist Inc. (PRNewswire)
  161. Eventbrite buys Ticketscript, a self-service ticket platform for music events (TechCrunch)
  162. AnyMeeting Acquires Timebridge.com to Simplify Meeting Scheduling (PR Web)
  163. Pursuant Acquires TouchPoint Software (PR Web)
  164. Fintech Startup SlicePay Acquires Trustio, A P2P Lending Platform for College Students (IndianWeb2)
  165. Twenty Thirty AG closes first financing round (Startup Ticker )
  166. MARU GROUP BUYS USURV (Research Live)
  167. Vision InfoSoft Acquired by JDM Technology Group (JDM Technology Group)
  168. Voonik raises funds from Sequoia, RB Investments (Live Mint)
  169. Plex acquires Watchup to bring streaming news to its media app (TechCrunch)
  170. Quovantis Technologies to Acquire WeCraftMedia as Part of its Expansion Plan in the United States (PRWeb )
  171. Philadelphia-based Zoomer acquired by EatStreet (Philadephia Business Journal)
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