Heal raises $26.9 million


These days, a doctor can just be a few clicks away thanks to new mobile apps allowing patients to consult a doctor. Although nothing beats a traditional clinic consultation, a virtual doctor could be the answer for people who are traveling, live in remote areas or are simply too lazy to go to a clinic. Based on Cruchbase data, there are 18 doctor on-demand apps available for download today, with services ranging from video call consultations, emergency consultations, and actual house calls. This week, one of these companies, Heal, has raised $26.9 million in Series A funding led by the Tull Investment Group. The company plans to use its new funds to expand its operations and build up its lineup of board-certified and licensed physicians. Based in Santa Monica, California, Heal works like Über and sends licensed physicians to patients’ homes upon demand for a flat fee of $99.00. After the round, Heal is expected to be valued at $110 million.

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