Weekly Update – March 2, 2016

Total Deal Value (USD) – $713,077,190                Total Deal Number – 76

Deal No. Amount Paid (USD) Company Investor/Buyer Sector Deal Type
1 $250,000,000 ibibo Naspers Group Transactions Investment
2 $5,762,690 Vicampo Consortium Transactions Investment
3 $40,000,000 Qubit Consortium Software & Services Investment
4 $35,000,000 ThousandEyes Consortium Software & Services Investment
5 $30,000,000 Kika Tech Consortium Mobile & Apps Investment
6 $30,000,000 Namely Consortium Software & Services Investment
7 $25,887,130 Moip Pagamentos Wirecard Transactions Acquisition
8 $25,000,000 Enlighted Consortium Software & Services Investment
9 $23,000,000 Team8 Consortium Software & Services Investment
10 $20,000,000 AppCard Consortium Transactions Investment
11 $19,000,000 enSilo Consortium Software & Services Investment
12 $18,000,000 Reflektion Consortium Ecommerce Investment
13 $17,000,000 NuoDB Consortium Software & Services Investment
14 $15,000,000 55Haitao JJ Capital Transactions Investment
15 $15,000,000 MasterClass Consortium Media Investment
16 $15,000,000 Orami Consortium Ecommerce Investment
17 $10,000,000 NoBroker.com Consortium Transactions Investment
18 $8,000,000 Trusona Kleiner, Perkins, Caufield and Byers Software & Services Investment
19 $7,000,000 Athentek Foxconn Hardware & Infrastructure Investment
20 $6,400,000 Terbium Labs .406 Ventures Software & Services Investment
21 $6,100,000 Stackla Bailador Technology Investments Media Investment
22 $6,000,000 Real Secures Magma Venture Partners Transactions Investment
23 $6,000,000 SALESmanago 3TS Capital Partners Marketing Investment
24 $5,800,000 Juspay Consortium Transactions Investment
25 $5,500,000 iCharts Consortium Software & Services Investment
26 $5,000,000 Jaypore impact fund Ecommerce Investment
27 $5,000,000 ReSec Technologies Pico Venture Partners, Founders Group Software & Services Investment
28 $4,500,000 Taskbob IvyCap Ventures, Orios Venture Partners Transactions Investment
29 $4,300,000 CREXi Consortium Transactions Investment
30 $4,000,000 Paysa Consortium Software & Services Investment
31 $4,000,000 Siemplify Consortium Software & Services Investment
32 $3,500,000 Goodpatch Consortium Software & Services Investment
33 $3,400,000 UnaliWear Maxim Ventures Hardware & Infrastructure Investment
34 $3,175,000 WigWag CSC Venture Capital Software & Services Investment
35 $3,000,000 DBmaestro Consortium Software & Services Investment
36 $2,500,000 Clapit Undisclosed Media Investment
37 $2,500,000 Overnight Accomplice, CrossCut Ventures Transactions Investment
38 $2,250,000 SOCi Peter Fischer Marketing Investment
39 $2,000,000 Hepster Amadeus Capital Partners Transactions Investment
40 $2,000,000 pureLiFi Undisclosed Software & Services Investment
41 $2,000,000 Revl Consortium Hardware & Infrastructure Investment
42 $1,750,000 Whizz Technologies Chapmans Opportunities Transactions Investment
43 $1,652,370 Anyline Consortium Mobile & Apps Investment
44 $1,600,000 Chainalysis Consortium Software & Services Investment
45 $1,550,000 BetterView Consortium Hardware & Infrastructure Investment
46 $1,500,000 Ribbit.me Hayaat Group Software & Services Investment
47 $1,000,000 BabyBerry Consortium Mobile & Apps Investment
48 $1,000,000 Ematic Solutions MDI Ventures Marketing Investment
49 $1,000,000 KAT Unity Ventures Hardware & Infrastructure Investment
50 $1,000,000 Keeeb Dr. John R. Patrick Software & Services Investment
51 $1,000,000 Pipeline Network Helios Ventures Software & Services Investment
52 $1,000,000 Wakie Consortium Mobile & Apps Investment
53 $750,000 Locent Consortium Mobile & Apps Investment
54 $700,000 Movo Consortium Transactions Investment
55 Undisclosed 20Lines HarperCollins Italia Transactions Acquisition
56 Undisclosed Appmind Mobile Action Mobile & Apps Acquisition
57 Undisclosed Cannabis.Net Undisclosed Transactions Investment
58 Undisclosed Centric Digital Bookend Capital Software & Services Investment
59 Undisclosed Docalytics Contently Marketing Acquisition
60 Undisclosed Framebench Freshdesk Software & Services Acquisition
61 Undisclosed G4 Health Systems Ability Network Software & Services Acquisition
62 Undisclosed Hammer & Tusk Axiom Zen Media Acquisition
63 Undisclosed iScan Online LOGICnow Software & Services Acquisition
64 Undisclosed Jurnal Consortium Software & Services Investment
65 Undisclosed LoanZen Undisclosed Transactions Investment
66 Undisclosed Misoca Yayoi Software & Services Acquisition
67 Undisclosed Qnovo Sony Mobile Communications Software & Services Investment
68 Undisclosed Ravello Systems Oracle Software & Services Acquisition
69 Undisclosed Routific Pallasite Ventures, Firestarter Fund Software & Services Investment
70 Undisclosed Sociabl Imagination Entertainment Mobile & Apps Investment
71 Undisclosed Talentbuddy Udemy Transactions Acquisition
72 Undisclosed The Clip Open8 Mobile & Apps Acquisition
73 Undisclosed TodayTix Tylt Ventures, Walden Venture Capital Transactions Investment
74 Undisclosed Tonight HotelQuickly Transactions Acquisition
75 Undisclosed Women’s Agenda Angela Priestley Media Acquisition
76 Undisclosed Xamarin Microsoft Mobile & Apps Acquisition

More information

  1. Naspers, Tencent-backed travel group gets $250m more to slay India’s hotel industry (Tech In Asia)
  2. Vicampo Closes €5.3M Third Funding Round (FinSMEs)
  3. Qubit Raises $40M in Series C Funding (FinSMEs)
  4. ThousandEyes Closes $35 Million Funding Round to Meet Growing Demand for Network Intelligence (Marketwired)
  5. Kika Tech Raises Over $30M in Series B Funding to Launch New Strategies (PR Newswire)
  6. Namely Raises $30M in Funding (FinSMEs)
  7. Wirecard Acquires Moip Pagamentos, for €23.5M (FinSMEs)
  8. Enlighted Secures $25M in Series D Funding (FinSMEs)
  9. Team8 Raises $23M in Funding (FinSMEs)
  10. AppCard Raises $20M in Series B Funding, Adds Successful Loyalty Entrepreneur to Their Board, Launches Redesigned Website and Mobile Apps (VentureBeat)
  11. Cybersecurity start-up enSilo raises $19 mln (Reuters)
  12. Reflektion Closes $18M In Series B Funding (FinSMEs)
  13. NuoDB Completes $17M Funding Round (FinSMEs)
  14. 55Haitao Raises $15M in Series A Funding (PR Newswire)
  15. MasterClass Raises $15M in Series B Funding (FinSMEs)
  16. Company formerly known as MoxyBilna raises $15m, relaunches as Orami (Tech In Asia)
  17. NoBroker.com raises $10M series B funding, plans to expand to 20 cities (YourStory)
  18. Trusona Raises $8M in Series A Funding (FinSMEs)
  19. Foxconn gives Taiwan startup $7M for kids and pet wearables (e27)
  20. Terbium Labs Raises $6.4M in Series A Financing (FinSMEs)
  21. Stackla eyes further international growth after $6.1 million funding round (AFR)
  22. Real Secures $6M in Series A Funding (FinSMEs)
  23. SALESmanago secures $6 million from 3TS Capital Partners (3tsCapital)
  24. Juspay raises $5.8M from Accel, BookMyShow founders (TechCircle.in)
  25. iCharts Closes $5.5M Funding Round (VC News Daily)
  26. Jaypore nabs US$5M funding to bring you contemporary Indian products (e27)
  27. ReSec Technologies Raises $5M in Series A Funding (FinSMEs)
  28. On-demand home services startup Taskbob raises US$4.5M Series A (e27)
  29. CREXi Raises $4.3M in Seed Funding (FinSMEs)
  30. Paysa raises $4M seed for engineer salary data (VatorNews)
  31. US$4M round puts cybersecurity startup Siemplify on the radar (e27)
  32. Japan’s Goodpatch snags $3.5M to increase global sales of online prototyping tool (The Bridge)
  33. UnaliWear Closes $3.4M Seed Funding (FinSMEs)
  34. WigWag Secures $3.175 Million in Seed Funding to Bridge the Future of an Intelligent Connected World (BusinessWire)
  35. DBmaestro Raises $3M in Series A Funding to Expand DevOps for Database (PR Newswire)
  36. How this Sydney startup raised more than $2.5 million before even launching (Startup Smart)
  37. Overnight raises $2.5 million to launch its spontaneous travel booking app (VentureBeat)
  38. SOCi secures $2.25M for social media management (Vator News)
  39. South African FinTech start-up raises $2 million (MyBroadband)
  40. pureLiFi Closes over $2M Funding Round (FinSMEs)
  41. Revl raises $2 million to take on GoPro with its smart action camera (VentureBeat)
  43. Anyline Raises €1.5M in Funding (FinSMEs)
  44. Chainalysis Raises $1.6M in Seed Funding (FinSMEs)
  45. BetterView Closes $1.55M Funding (FinSMEs)
  46. Ribbit.me Raises $1.5 Million Seed Round (ACNNewswire)
  47. BabyBerry raises US$1M to help monitor your child’s health and wellness online (e27)
  48. Singapore-based ecommerce marketing startup raises $1m to enter Indonesia (Tech In Asia)
  49. Chinese VR ‘Treadmill’ Startup Raises $1M In Funding (TechNode)
  50. Keeeb Closes $1M Bridge Financing (FinSMEs)
  51. Exclusive: Malaysian IoT startup Pipeline Network raises US$1M led by Helios Ventures (e27)
  52. Wakie Raises Additional $1M in Funding (FinSMEs)
  53. Locent Raises $750K in Seed Funding (FinSMEs)
  54. Movo Raises $700K in Funding (FinSMEs)
  55. HarperCollins Italia Acquires 20Lines (FinSMEs)
  56. Mobile Action Acquires Appmind (FinSMEs)
  57. Cannabis.Net Completes Second Round of funding (FinSMEs)
  58. Centric Digital Receives Private Equity Investment from Bookend Capital (FinSMEs)
  59. Contently Acquires Docalytics (FinSMEs)
  60. Freshdesk buys its fourth startup, adds collaboration to its list of weapons (Tech In Asia)
  61. Ability Network Acquires G4 Health Systems (FinSMEs)
  62. Axiom Zen Acquires Hammer & Tusk (FinSMEs)
  63. LOGICnow Acquires iScan Online (FinSMEs)
  64. Accounting software Jurnal from Indonesia raises series A (Tech In Asia)
  65. Sowing seeds of kindness: LoanZen raises seed funding from angel investors (e27)
  66. Misoca, Japan’s invoicing startup, reportedly to be acquired by software giant Yayoi (The Bridge)
  67. Qnovo Receives Investment from Sony Mobile Communications (FinSMEs)
  68. Oracle Acquires Ravello Systems (FinSMEs)
  69. Routific Raises Seed Funding (FinSMEs)
  70. Sociabl sold: Why a serial entrepreneur bought a controlling stake in the controversial startup (Startup Smart)
  71. Udemy Acquires Talentbuddy (FinSMEs)
  72. Open8, Japan’s mobile video ad network, acquires app prototyping startup The Clip (The Bridge)
  73. TodayTix Makes Inroads Into Broadway’s Ticketing Business (The New York Times)
  74. HotelQuickly acquires last-minute hotel service Tonight, enters Japan (Tech In Asia)
  75. Announcing the acquisition of Women’s Agenda (Women’s Agenda)
  76. Microsoft finally acquires mobile app development company Xamarin (VentureBeat)
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