Living in an accelerated world


We now live in a world where faster is definitely better. With the rapid adoption of mobile devices and the proliferation of free wifi hotspots, information today can be obtained so quickly and as a result, we have become a culture driven by our need to consume information instantly. Patience is no longer a virtue and instant gratification is now the norm. From 140-character tweets to seven-second Vine videos, to animated GIFs, quick-serve media are today’s new forms of self-expression. Among the three, the current social media favourite are the GIFs. Graphic interchange format files or GIFs have become so popular that social media companies have all started supporting them in their platforms. Tumblr now has its own GIFs search engine, Twitter has introduced animated GIFs to its official timelines, and Facebook now lets you post animated GIFs to the News Feed. Investors have also become interested in GIFs. This week, GIF keyboard maker Riffsy has raised a $10 million Series A to make sure that we all use GIFs in everyday communication.

You can read about Riffsy’s funding here.

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