Samsung’s IoT dreams

Predictions for the Internet of Things are looking good: 500 connected objects in the home by 2022, 1.5 trillion connected devices by 2020, and a $19 trillion market opportunity. With stats this promising, it’s no surprise that big tech companies are funding IoT startups. This week, in its quest to be a pioneer in the IoT space, Samsung has invested an undisclosed sum in French IoT startup Sigfox, a firm that provides low energy, low cost global cellular connectivity to smart objects. The funding comes on the heels of Samsung’s acquisition of IoT startup SmartThings last year, a substantial $100 million investment in IoT development early this year, and the launch of Artik, Samsung’s open platform that other companies can use to create connected devices. According to reports, Samsung’s grand vision is to connect all its digital devices to the IoT by 2020. With all its strategic investments and an aggressive plan to dominate the IoT market, Samsung might just be able to turn its vision into reality.
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