Is Teespring the future of apparel?

They say that necessity is the mother of invention, and the rapid growth in the number of startups in the US market saw a need for innovative forms of early stage funding. Today, crowdfunding is disrupting the finance community by giving entrepreneurs opportunity to generate funds directly from a large pool investors, providing a feasible alternative to traditional funding sources such as banks and venture capital. While crowdfunding isn’t for everyone, the financial model is quickly catching fire and has spawned countless niche platforms that focus on raising funds for sectors such as, real estate, healthcare, charity and tech startups. One of the more popular tech businesses that leveraged the crowdfunding model is t-shirt company Teespring. What makes Teespring unique is it allows users to create and sell custom-designed

t-shirts without any upfront costs. The user can design a t-shirt and sell it online and the money generated from the sales will be used to pay for the production of the t-shirts and shipping. The business model is so effective that the company has sold six million t-shirts this year alone and claims to have turned at least 10 people into millionaires.

Today, the company received a massive $35 million Series B from Khosla Ventures.You can read about the funding here.

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