The future of digital ad buying


“Programmatic” has been a buzzword in the digital and media advertising industry over the past two years but very few people understand what it really means. Programmatic ad buying simply refers to the use of software and algorithms to buy digital ads, as opposed to face-to-face negotiations, RFPs, and insertion orders. According to research company IDC, the spend on real-time display advertising is expected to increase at a 59% annual growth rate through 2016, making it one of the fastest growing segments in digital advertising. This is precisely why giant tech firms such as AOL, Google and Yahoo are investing more aggressively in programmatic ad technology. Last year, AOL video advertising platform in a deal that was worth a total of $405M. A few months ago, Google launched its “premium video exchange.” And today, Yahoo announced that it’s acquiring BrightRoll, a San Francisco-based video tech company, for $640M in cash.

You can read about the BrightRoll deal here.

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