HomeZada scores seed funding

Managing a home can be a chore. You need to keep track of repairs and maintenance, be on top of fees like insurance, and sometimes, you need to create a budget for a much-needed renovation. Managing all these tasks all at once can be daunting. But thanks to a brand spanking new app called HomeZada, it doesn’t have to be. HomeZada is a cloud-based application that functions as a digital hub for your home. HomeZada will help you organize all your information about your home and help you manage it in a systematic manner. HomeZada allows you to keep track of repairs and renovations; reminding you of any maintenance and tasks outstanding, such as changing of aircon filters, cleaning of gutters, and other duties. It can also be used to track home contents for insurance purposes. It even has a spreadsheet for budgeting expenses, and a Pinterest-like feature that lets you keep design ideas, color swatches and other photo references.This week, HomeZada closed a $2.1M seed round from a consortium of investors. According to its founders, the funding will help boost the development of the platform and increase marketing to attract new users. You can read about the funding here.

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