Making the sharing economy more safe

With the increasing popularity of the sharing economy, people have no choice but to put their complete trust in total strangers. Homes are rented to anyone who has the cash to pay, rides are shared between random drivers and commuters, even household items are lent to anyone in need. In this new world of shared resources, trust can become a major issue, which is why one startup thought it would be good business to provide background checks-as-a-service to peer-to-peer businesses.The aptly named Checkr uses all available data such as, social security numbers, driving records, residential addresses, criminal record databases, and even court records to obtain detailed information about potential renters, contractors or employees. The company already has delivery services like Instacart, Homejoy and Shyp among its clients. Business is so good that Checkr and is now in talks with ride sharing companies Uber and Lyft.

Today, Checkr has raised $9 million from a consortium of investors. You can read about the funding here.

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