Smooth operator

It’s a bachelor’s dream. A robot that can mix drinks with laser-like accuracy, concoct special cocktails that will satisfy the most discriminating tastes, alert you when you’re getting too drunk, and even assist in getting you home safely when you can’t drive. Meet Monsieur, the robotic bartender from Georgia Tech that is now the toast of VCs. Monsieur offers 300 different cocktails and can churn out 150 cocktails without refilling. The machine is so intelligent that it can recreate exact mixes for people who want consistency of taste. Aside from being a super bartender, it also comes with an app that will alert you on your level of intoxication, and assist you in getting a cab. Unlike human bartenders, you don’t have to tip Monsieur. Recently, Monsieur received a $2 million seed round to try to replace bartenders. You can read about the funding here.
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