True sharing

The sharing economy is changing everything. People now share photos, personal experiences and opinions in social networks; car owners share rides with strangers through Uber, Lyft and other services; homeowners share their properties through Airbnb and other sites; crowdfunding has allowed small businesses to raise funds through the combined efforts of many investors. It looks like the sharing economy is gaining ground and is changing the dynamics of our daily lives. More recently, the idea of leveraging the sharing economy to improve mobile communication and security has emerged. Truecaller is a Swedish startup whose users a can share their contacts and in return get access to the collaborative database of names and numbers. The best thing about Truecaller is it sends you a spam alert each time you get a call from a number that has been reported as spam. Since its launch in 2009, Truecaller now has 85 million users and just received a funding of $60 million from a consortium of investors.
You can read about the funding here.
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