Time to give a hoot?


Hootsuite is on a roll. With more that 10 million users that includes 744 of the Fortune 1000 companies, Hootsuite is now the leading social media relationship platform in the world. Today, the company announced that it has received yet another round of funding. Earlier this month, the company already raised $35 million Series C from Fidelity Investments and today; it raised an additional $60 million Series D from a consortium of investors. The investments bring Hoosuite’s current funding to a total of $250 million. Another thing to hoot about is the company also snapped up Zeetl, a social telephony and messaging platform that allows its users to call and message their Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn friends for free without needing to know phone numbers. The acquisition will allow Hootsuite to include voice technology into its popular social media platform.

Read more about these latest developments here.

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