Top 20 Hardware & Infrastructure Deals for 2014

Deal No.Amount Paid (USD)CompanyInvestor/BuyerSectorDeal Type
1$9,670,032,000OnoVodafoneHardware & InfrastructureAcquisition
2$5,300,000,000MICROS SystemsOracleHardware & InfrastructureAcquisition
3$3,200,000,000Nest LabsGoogleHardware & InfrastructureAcquisition
4$3,000,000,000Beats ElectronicsAppleHardware & InfrastructureAcquisition
5$2,300,000,000IBM (x86-based server business)LenovoHardware & InfrastructureAcquisition
6$2,000,000,000Oculus VRFacebookHardware & InfrastructureAcquisition
7$1,100,000,000Fusion-ioSanDiskHardware & InfrastructureAcquisition
8$555,000,000 Dropcam Google/NestHardware & InfrastructureAcquisition
9$475,000,000Renesas SP Drivers SynapticsHardware & InfrastructureAcquisition
10$328,500,000ISSC Technologies CorporationMicrochip TechnologyHardware & InfrastructureAcquisition
11$120,000,000Proteus Digital HealthUndisclosedHardware & InfrastructureInvestment
12$107,000,000FX NetworksVocus CommunicationsHardware & InfrastructureAcquisition
13$100,000,000Basis ScienceIntelHardware & InfrastructureAcquisition
14$75,000,000TintriConsortiumHardware & InfrastructureInvestment
15$70,000,000NJOYConsortiumHardware & InfrastructureInvestment
16$70,000,000SungevityConsortiumHardware & InfrastructureInvestment
17$60,000,000Beats MusicConsortiumHardware & InfrastructureInvestment
18$57,000,000SimplisafeSequoia CapitalHardware & InfrastructureInvestment
19$52,000,000Proteus Digital HealthUndisclosedHardware & InfrastructureInvestment
20$37,000,000mCube ConsortiumHardware & InfrastructureInvestment

More information

  1. Vodafone completes €7.2 billion acquisition of Ono (Vodafone)
  2. Oracle buys MICROS Systems for $5.3 billion (ZDNet)
  3. Google buys Nest Labs for $3.2 billion (CNN)
  4. Apple finally confirms its $3B acquisition of Beats Electronics (VentureBeat)
  5. Lenovo agrees to buy IBM’s server business for $US2.3 billion (ARN)
  6. Facebook is buying Oculus for $2B to ‘get ready for the platform of tomorrow’ (VentureBeat)
  7. SanDisk to acquire Fusion-io for $1.1BN (FinSMEs)
  8. Google and Nest Acquire Dropcam For $555 Million (TechCrunch)
  9. Synaptics announces acquisition of Japan’s Renesas SP Drivers (The China Post)
  10. Microchip Technology about to acquire Taiwanese tech company for $328.5M (Phoenix Business Journal)
  11. Proteus Digital Health Raises $120M in Funding (FinSMEs)
  12. Vocus Communications to buy NZ’s FX Networks (The Australian)
  13. Basis Goes To Intel For Around $100M (TechCrunch)
  14. Tintri Raises $75M in Series E Funding (FinSMEs)
  15. NJOY Raises over $70M (FinSMEs)
  16. Sungevity Raises $70M in Equity Financing (FinSMEs)
  17. Beats Music Raises $60 Million in Funding (Billboard)
  18. SimpliSafe gets $57 million in funding from Sequoia Capital (FinSMEs)
  19. Proteus Digital Health raises another $52 million for sensor-enabled pharmaceuticals (Mobile Health News)
  20. mCube Closes $37M Series C Financing (FinSMEs)
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