Surveillance is big business


Surveillance is big business

Google is still on a shopping spree. Barely two weeks ago, the search giant bought Skybox, a satellite company that builds small satellites that can take high-resolution photos and videos from space. Then last week, Google’s Nest Labs has acquired Dropcam, a video-monitoring startup that makes web-connected home security cameras in a deal worth $555 million in cash. Dropcam is known for its cloud-enabled cameras that allow users to check their houses remotely using their Android or iOs devices. The purchase comes just four months after Google acquired Nest for $3.2 billion.

So what does this mean? Will Google be monitoring our movements from the sky to inside our homes? One thing that’s apparent, is that Google appears very fond of the lucrative video surveillance industry which is expected to be worth more than $36 billion by 2018. We suspect more acquisitions are on the way.

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