What the future holds for Dell


What the future holds for Dell

After months of boardroom drama, Michael Dell, the founder of Dell Inc., one of the largest technology companies in the world, has succeeded in taking the company private and paid US$24.4 billion to buyout its public shareholders. So why did Michael Dell, who made Dell Inc. public in 1988, want to buy back the company? Dell desperately needs to change and the buyout will allow Michael Dell to operate with increased autonomy, and away from the scrutiny of its conservative investors. The company, which made its fortune making build-to-order PCs for corporate markets, missed the boat when the industry shifted to mobile devices.

As is always the case with tech dinosaurs, the success of Dell will hinge on how fast the company can turn-around and innovate. The world is rapidly changing and technology has already shifted from under its feet. Dell’s future remains uncertain but one thing is clear, the real hard work is just about to begin for Michael and his team.

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