Baidu Strengthen Mobile Hold in China


Baidu Strengthen Mobile Hold in China

Chinese search giant Baidu acquired one of the country‚Äôs leading group buying sites Nuomi for US$160 million last week. Nuomi offers location based deals to its 3.8 million active paying users. The purchase is complementary to Baidu’s advertising business, and offers a way to strengthen its location-based services particularly on mobile devices.

Baidu has recently been on an acquisition spree in the mobile space, purchasing third-party app distributor 91 Wireless back in July. This most recent acquisition is another sign of Baidu’s continuing commitment to delivering superior value to their mobile users. It’s our opinion that although Nuomi as a company is focused on group-buying, the value in the business on-going will be directly linked to its success or failure in integrating with Baidu’s existing location-based services. With this in mind, the deal should in no way serve as an indicator of a forthcoming resurrection of the 2010/2011 glory days where every man and his dog owned a group-buying site.

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