Top 20 Hardware & Infrastructure Deals for 2013

Deal No. Amount Paid (USD) Company Investor/Buyer Sector Deal Type
1 $810,000,000 Beidou China Hardware & Infrastructure Investment
2 $710,000,000 Mountain Cablevision Rogers Communications Hardware & Infrastructure Acquisition
3 $475,000,000 Intucell Cisco Hardware & Infrastructure Acquisition
4 $380,000,000 Tensilica Cadence Hardware & Infrastructure Acquisition
5 $310,000,000 Ubiquisys Cisco Hardware & Infrastructure Acquisition
6 $198,630,000 ISP Dodo M2 Telecommunications Hardware & Infrastructure Acquisition
7 $155,000,000 Skyfire Opera Hardware & Infrastructure Acquisition
8 $150,000,000 SevOne Bain Capital Hardware & Infrastructure Investment
9 $120,000,000 NexGen Storage Fusion-io Hardware & Infrastructure Acquisition
10 $78,201,000 Revera Telecom Corp of New Zealand Hardware & Infrastructure Acquisition
11 $107,000,000 JouleX Cisco Hardware & Infrastructure Acquisition
12 $105,000,000 Ingenuity Systems Qiagen N.V. Hardware & Infrastructure Acquisition
13 $88,000,000 Cyan Undisclosed Hardware & Infrastructure Public
14 $85,000,000 Arieso JDSU Hardware & Infrastructure Acquisition
15 $82,000,000 Kotura Mellanox Technologies Hardware & Infrastructure Acquisition
16 $80,000,000 Clearwire Sprint Hardware & Infrastructure Investment
17 $75,000,000 Corsair Components Francisco Partners Hardware & Infrastructure Investment
18 $60,000,000 Roku Fidelity, Peter Kafka Hardware & Infrastructure Investment
19 $55,000,000 Telanetix Intermedia Hardware & Infrastructure Acquisition
20 $30,000,000 GCT Semiconductor Undisclosed Hardware & Infrastructure Investment

More information

  1. China Is Investing $810M In Beidou, A Navigation System It Hopes Will Eventually Rival GPS (Techcrunch)
  2. Canadian Internet Provider Rogers Buys Mountain Cablevision, Wireless Spectrum Licenses From Shaw (Techcrunch)
  3. Cisco acquires Intucell for US$475m (SiliconRepublic)
  4. Cadence to Acquire Tensilica (Market Wire)
  5. Cisco Is Buying Ubiquisys For $310M For A Big Move Into Mobile Coverage With Femtocells And Small Cells (Techcrunch)
  6. M2 Telecommunications acquires ISP Dodo for A$203.9m and junior telco Eftel for A$44.1m, 5*FY14 EBITDA (Australian Technology Transactions)
  7. Opera buys Skyfire for $155M to trim carriers’ mobile video burden (VentureBeat)
  8. SevOne To Go For IPO, Raises $150 Million From Bain Capital To Expand P2P IT Monitoring (Techcrunch)
  9. Fusion-io Acquires NexGen Storage for $120M (FinSMEs)
  10. Telecom NZ acquires NZ cloud data centre and infrastructure services firm Revera for NZ$96.5m, est 6.43*2013 EBITDA (Australian Technology Transactions)
  11. Cisco to Acquire JouleX for $107M (FinSMEs)
  12. Qiagen N.V. Acquires Ingenuity Systems for $105,000,000 (Xconomy)
  13. Cyan Receives $88,000,000 New Funding (Xconomy)
  14. JDSU Buys Arieso For $85M In Cash To Boost Its Mobile Network Business (TechCrunch)
  15. Mellanox Technologies Acquires Kotura for $82,000,000 (Xconomy)
  16. Clearwire takes $80M from Sprint even as it’s flirting with Dish for a buyout (VentureBeat)
  17. Corsair Components Receives $75M Strategic Investment from Francisco Partners (FinSMEs)
  18. Roku Wants To Be Part Of Your Next Smart TV, Raises $60 Million To Do It (Techcrunch)
  20. GCT Semiconductor Receives $30,000,000 New Funding (Xconomy)
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