Top 20 Media Deals for 2011

Deal No. Amount Paid (USD) Company Investor/Buyer Sector Deal Type
1 $1,500,000,000 Facebook Consortium Media Investment
2 $990,000,000 BNA Bloomberg Media Acquisition
3 $800,000,000 Twitter DST Global Media Investment
4 $525,000,000 Primedia TPG Capital Media Acquisition
5 $315,000,000 The Huffington Post AOL Media Acquisition
6 $250,000,000 PPLive SoftBank Media Investment
7 $200,000,000 TrueCar Consortium Media Investment
8 $127,000,000 AFCV Holdings Media Acquisition
9 $125,000,000 Zagat Google Media Acquisition
10 $100,000,000 myYearbook Quepasa Media Acquisition
11 $100,000,000 Spotify DST Global Media Investment
12 $90,100,000 ContentGuard Pendrell Corporation Media Acquisition
13 $85,000,000 Tumblr Consortium Media Investment
14 $80,000,000 Renren Media Acquisition
15 $66,400,000 Sina Media Investment
16 $61,000,000 Google Media Acquisition
17 $50,000,000 OkCupid Media Acquisition
18 $35,000,000 Infochoice, Bidmyloan, Once Life iSelect Media Acquisition
19 $35,000,000 Myspace Specific Media Media Acquisition
20 $33,000,000 TechMediaNetwork Consortium Media Investment

More information

  1. Facebook raises $1.5B, at valuation of $50B (Computerworld)
  2. Bloomberg Buys Legal Database Provider BNA For $990 million (Paid Content)
  3. Twitter: That Giant RoundOf Funding? Yup, We Closed It (Business Insider)
  4. Primedia Acquired By TPG Capital For $525 Million (Techcrunch)
  5. We Have A New Uber Boss, And She’s Greek: Aol Buys HuffPo For $315 Million (Techcrunch)
  6. Chinese Online Video Company PPLive Raises A Whopping $250 Million (Techcrunch)
  7. Car Price Comparison Company TrueCar Raises $200M+, Gears Up For IPO (Techcrunch)
  8. Q&A Site Acquired By AFCV Holdings For $127 Million In Cash (Techcrunch)
  9. Google Acquires Zagat To Flesh Out Local Reviews (Techcrunch)
  10. Latino Social Net Quepasa Buys myYearbook For $100 million (Paid Content)
  11. DST About To Lead Huge Spotify Funding (Techcrunch)
  12. ContentGuard Acquired By Pendrell (Socaltech)
  13. Tumblr Raises $85 Million Round From Richard Branson, VCs (Techrunch)
  14. Chinese Social Network Renren Buys Video Sharing Site For $80 Million (Techrunch)
  15. Taking a Bigger Bite Than Expected, Sina Takes 9% of (Penn Olson)
  16. Beat that! Google acquires the UK’s for £37.7m (Techcrunch)
  17. OkCupid Acquired by for $50 Million (Mashable)
  18. iSelect buys Infochoice, BidMyLoan and Once Life for $33.5 million (Smartcompany)
  19. Myspace Sold To Specific Media For $35 Million (HuffPost Tech)
  20. Technology Media Publisher TechMediaNetwork Raises $33 Million (Techrunch)
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