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Cylindo received $1 million funding


3D modeling and visualisation has come a long way in recent years. Today, the technology is being used by manufacturers to improve their creative process. Through 3D visualisation, concepts that are difficult to describe can now be explained visually. For instance, instead of building a scale model, a company can simply have their product rendered in 3D. 3D visualisation saves time and allows viewers to check the product from any angle. One startup at the forefront of 3D visualisation is Cylindo. Based in Sweden, Cylindo brings 3D visualisation technology to the furniture industry with its leading-edge software. Cylindo enables furniture manufacturers and retailers visualise their products, display furniture effectively on product pages, customise complex modular systems and allows customers to view designs in real-time 3D.

Cylindo today received $1 million new funding in a round led by Scale Capital, with participation from LiteCap and CommerceVC. According to its founder Janus Jagd, he will use the money to expand Cylindo’s services to the US and beyond furniture. You can read about the funding here.

The future of motorcycle helmets

SKULLY, the maker of state-of-the-art motorcycle helmet SKULLY AR-1, is revving up for success. Fresh from its record-breaking pre-order campaign on Indiegogo that raised $2.8 million from consumers, the company recently raised an additional $11 million in Series A funding to get the motorcycle helmet into production. So why is the SKULLY AR-1 getting a lot of buzz? SKULLY AR-1 has been dubbed by its founder Dr. Marcus Weller as the “world’s smartest motorcycle helmet” and with good reason. It uses the SKULLY’s proprietary Synapse™ technology platform that features an advanced head up display optics that is linked to an intelligent network including a near 180-degree rear-view camera, GPS navigation, voice control, and Bluetooth connectivity for smartphone communication. The high tech features are designed to enhance the rider’s awareness so he/she can have a safer riding experience. SKULLY will use the new funds to hire more people and ship its products.

Weekly Featured Company: Google DeepMind

FoundedHeadquartersSectorEmployeesRevenueTotal InvestmentRecent Investment
2011Mountainview, CaliforniaSoftware & Services75

The future of AI?

Despite the warnings of Elon Musk, Stephen Hawking and Bill Gates about the potential dangers of machine superintelligence, Google recently announced that its DeepMind division is accelerating its efforts in Artificial Intelligence or AI. Google DeepMind has recently partnered with the renowned Oxford University for AI research. Google acquired UK-based DeepMind in 2014 for more than $500 million. Founded by neuroscientist Demis Hassabis, a former child prodigy in chess, Shane Legg, and Mustafa Suleyman, DeepMind is a formidable player in the AI community. The company specializes in an advance form of Machine Learning called Reinforcement Learning. In a nutshell, Reinforcement Learning (RL) is a branch of AI that allows software to learn by interacting with its environment. Rather than acting from what it has been explicitly taught, the software or RL agent learns from the consequences of its actions and selects its actions based on past experiences and new choices. A numerical reward signal is provided to encode the success of the action’s outcome. This week, Google DeepMind announced that they have developed AI software capable of learning to play video games just by watching them. The software scored highly against its human opponents in Atari games such as Video Pinball, Boxing and Breakout.


Mack Weldon’s underwear revolution

Ecommerce has democritised retail. Today, the sheer volume of retail being conducted online is staggering. Startups like Etsy, Warby Parker and Rent the Runway are all changing the game and have enjoyed the support of investors. Mack Weldon, a relatively new player in the ecommerce scene, also aims to make its mark. Mack Weldon is a New York-based ecommerce company that is reinventing men’s basics and challenging the retail world. To start, Mack Weldon’s shirts and underwear are made with a signature blend of cotton, Lycra, and Lenzing Modal®, a type of fabric that is twice as soft as cotton and can kill bacteria immediately to prevent odor. What’s more, its underwear are designed with comfortable no-roll waistbands, elastic in the legs so they they stay in place, and have “mesh zones” to keep the wearer cool. Secondly, Mack Weldon products are sold only through their website that has an auto-replenish feature that allows customers to sign up if they want products sent on a regular basis or when they need it. While its products are a bit more expensive than other brands, the company gives as much as 25% discount for bulk purchases.Today, Mack Weldon raised raised $4 million in Series A funding from a consortium of investors. You can read about the funding here.